Monday, January 26, 2009

Reggaelates: Now I've heard everything

OK, this post deviates a bit from my standard "like a local" fare, but a press release just crossed my desk that made me laugh. The world has officially gone mad.

The spa at Jake's, a boutique hotel in Jamaica, has just launched "Reggaelates": Pilates classes set to reggae music.

Somewhere, Bob Marley is sighing a big, puzzled sigh.


Sienna said...

Yes...the world has gone mad. Luckily there are things to keep us entertained and healthy all in one. Jamaica has always been known for its Reggae music...however, it has only recently made the headlines as a Wellness destination. With the athletes coming out of the country it is about time that we have them coming to the country as well. Music makes everything better, and Pilates shouldn't be exempt.

Laura Byrne Paquet said...

Good points, Sienna! I like "No Woman No Cry" and a good round of stretching as much as anyone. :-) I guess I just get a little blue when I see grassroots stuff like reggae used to sell stuff. But such is the way of the world!